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6th March 2013

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here’s to all the quiet queers →


here’s to all the quiet queers.

all the queers who eat micro-agressions and secretly cry themselves to sleep.

the queers who dress the way their cis mothers told them to.

the queers who think about killing cis fucks every half hour, but never say a word more radical than “sorry.”

the queers who sip tea at their friend’s house while considering suicide, since that’s just about all they can think about.

the queers who are living double lives.

the queers who put on makeup at 2 a.m. in a hand mirror, making sure to wipe it off before school the next morning.

the queers who go to work dead and come home to see the world.

the queers who fuck, and suck, and kiss with the same hands and lips they use to eat dinner with their well-meaning shitty-acting parents

the queers who are ugly to you, too fat for you, running from you with lips sewn shut

here’s to the quiet queers, since it’s about fucking time we stopped shaming them.

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